What is the best fw for pioneer 111d?

Have no experience with them, but [B]CMC MAG D04[/B] worked here with very good results -> burned in Pioneer 110 and 111 burners.

The finial answer would be just get the brand that works for you and go with it because you will get many many recommendations from different people who think the brand they use is the best, Just remember that some burners don’t like certain brands of media so use the brand that works well with your burner, enough said :slight_smile:

i am having the same problem with the same burner and the same media…was wondering if flashing the firmware would help but going by the replies it wont. SO… what i was now thinking is what to do with the rest of the discs i have left? can i still use them to burn as single layer? or should i try and see if any of them work as dual layer?

lucky for me i only bought 10 of them to try (the shop didnt have any others) and from now on i guess it will be verbs or TY.