What is the best fw for pioneer 111d?

Hi to all i have some problem with some disc and wanna try change fw for see if i can solve, now i have 1.29 original fw, there is something better with more compatibility?


I looks like you have the latest orignal FW, what kind of problem are you having with the disk ? Maybe you could try changing brands and see what happens as some brands of burners just don’t like certain brand of media, for example everybody thinks Sony is a good brand of media but my PIO’s just hate them for some reason but TY’s & Verbs give me no problem whatsoever

ridisc printable dvd+r dl give me power calibration error

You might try a Verbatium or Taiyo Yuden media and see if the problem still arises

no the problem is only with this media and maybe there is a firmware that have more compatibility

Look at this link http://www.digitalfaq.com/media/dvdmedia.htm

Okay if you want to crossflash it, look at this link also

This is why people recommend Verbatim DL media. It gives consistently good results on most (if not all) burners.

If you have the lastest official firmware, I’m afraid all you can do is try the Verbatim DL media.

Crossflashing the drive for the sake of Ridisc media isn’t really worth voiding your warranty for…

…because its crap media.

Get decent DL media, get Verbatim.

Right on :iagree:

CMC MAG DL under the HP brand or Infiniti brand seem to give very good results, so I’d give them a try aswell :slight_smile:


Which of them?

CMCMAG is 3rd and 4th class media (junk) wide quality variance :eek:

Don’t repeat all that biased digitalfaq stuff.

Only according to that site - people’s experiences in the BM forum (at least with the 8x stuff) are a lot different :wink:

Sorry, meant CMC MAG D01 :slight_smile:

Also, DigitalFAQ is not a really well regarded website here :wink:

(Also, DigitalFAQ is not a really well regarded website here) , maybe IYO, but it is with a lot of people on CD Freaks who still quote it including some of the mods but each to there own I guess :slight_smile: and I have looked in the BM forum but like I said each to there own, a couple years down the road try to view one

Got several CMC MAG E01s (8x +R) and they TRT perfectly, and I can still read all the data to my HDD (they’re backup discs)…two years and counting :bigsmile:

But anyhoo, as mentioned it is all down to personal preference :iagree:

Plus this “is CMC bad or good” is a bit OT…

Don’t care about what Web Site results you want to quote but CMC Magntics DL Media is problematic Media no matter under what “Brand Name” it is packaged under.

If you desire consistent quality error free results with DL Media stick to Verbatim MKM001/MKM003 Mitsubishi Kagaku Media.


Have to agree with everyone who said to use Verbatim. Ritek is the problem, not your FW. Changing FW won’t make a difference. FW change is usually for adding new media to the writers list, it’s rarely for improving certain (crappy) media.