What is the best "free" video edit software to make my movies look semi good?

I just added videos to my site using windows movie maker and they suck! :sad:

What is the best “free” video edit software to download to make them look semi good???

help anyone, please!


I would use VirtualDubMod and AviSynth.

Windows Movie Maker should be capable of producing good enough quality video. Perhaps you need to adjust the options you are using. There have been a few guides/reviews on using nothing but Windows Movie Maker, the most recent being a few months ago at MaximumPC Magazine. You might want to check their web site and find the article.

If you are serious about video editing, and demand high quality, I would look into other softwares and encoders.

windows moviemaker is VERY good for a free program. I even use it when I don’t want to fool around with premiere or can’t get to a mac to use FCP.

even if you got a hold of a “better” program, the output is dependant on the user’s knowledge, experience, and comfort with the program.

the super high quality programs are NOT free, and if you have no idea what you’re doing, you’ll probably end up with a WORSE result than with Movie Maker since the program is that much more complicated.

I second harley2ride’s response. look up some tutorials, read help files, and play around with movie maker to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the program and your videos should vastly improve.