What is the best Free DVD copier?

Trying to “backup” Joyride the movie. DVD decrypter and DVD shrink won’t let me. Says it’s copy protected.
any new ideas?? :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s a fairly new dvd, it may be ARcoSS protected. Try ripping with Dvd Fab Decrypter and then processing the files with Dvd Shrink for a freeware solution.

I ran into a strange problem that the discs wouldn’t work on a sony drive and I found out the DVD I copied was with ARcoss protection.

I went and bought DVDFAB. I no longer had any trouble making backups of my DVDS. DVDFAB is not a FREE solution ($60.00) but the good thing here is that you get lifetime updates so I think it’s worth it. If you have already created images of the DVD on your hard drive DVDFAB will allow you to pull in that image and burn a DVD. Download the demo and give it a try on your disc.

DVDFab and DVDFab Decrypter are two different products. Decrypter is here:


And I agree with philamber, as a free solution those two are the best. If you can get the last version of DVDDecrypter it also still works on most discs.