What is the Best Firmware Version To Use in My Lite on 1633S



What is the Best Firmware Version To Use in My Lite on 1633S?


CS0M: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/1653S.CS0M.patched-cf-ledfix.rar

do also a learnt media reset: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/utilities/EEPROM_Utility-2.0.7.rar


Yubs I agree with that :slight_smile:
I got the best results with CS0M after a reset of the eeprom…

With the original 1633s firmware I couldn’t burn anything decent… especially when I burned @8x


Every firmware since CSTJ is good.
Don’t forget to buy good media.

TY02 or ricohjpnr02 (mediacode) burn great @ 16 x and have a fair price.

And always use codeking firmware!
He is the one who turned on the red light…



i think that cs09 is still the most complete firmware out there for 1633 at
1653. i seem to have the best results with that one. as far as old school (i can’t believe that i am calling this firmware oldschool :cool: )stick with bs41 for stock 1633.
it might just be me but i like those two the best so far.and always use omnipatcher
this has to be the single most important tool for your liteon…and it is free :bow:
any way thats my 2 cents :smiley:


This may sound like a silly question, but how can you tell what firmware is currently installed in that drive. I don’t see any instructions for it. For an old P II motherboard, what’s the best firmware for the 1633?


Just checked that site. Can some wonderful person please explain the difference between the firmware upgrades on the codeguys site as opposed to the Lite-On site? What’s the enhanced and unscrambled versions actually represent?

I’m pretty advanced as far as the lay person goes, but you dudes are wild!


Okay. When Lite-ON releases a firmware, they scramble the firmware inside of the EXE file so you cant easily extract it to modify it. The codeguys have figured out how to “unscramble” the raw firmware. They modify it using tools (OmniPatcher, MediaSpeedCodeEdit) and others. The modifications are for enhancing preformance and burn quality. Also, CodeKing ( I belive) switch on the Red LED. So when your drive is writing, a red LED comes on instead of a green one.


liteons site is a stock firm that can only be used for intended drive only.
for instance if you have a 1633s you can only flash to 1633s firmwares.
but with a unscrambled firmware (and using the omnipatcher tool)
you can turn your 1233,1633, etc… into a 1653s and have more firmware options.the enhanced firmware allowed certain drives that burnt dl media
to burn at 4x instead of 2.4,this also allowed those same drives to burn

  • media at 12x. enhanced firmware is not needed if you flash to a 1653
    you already will have all the enhanced features as 4x dl & 12-r are default
    for this drive. i hope i helped :cool:


Thanks for the info. How do you know if you’ve flashed to a 1653 from 1633 - by upgrading with the official Lite-on site firmware upgrade?


In summary, which firmware upgrade should I use if I have the one that came with the drive (BSOH)?

Should I use the official site upgrade or one of the codeguy files? With the BSOH firmware, I’ve noticed that certain DVD disks that have 8x specs are taking longer to burn if I try burning at 8x rather than 4x!


@ WiltonParmenter

When you flash a 1633 with firmware from the 1653 it acts just as a native 1653, however, it is still a 1633. Keep in mind that when you want to use another 1653 firmware, you have to use a crossflashed version from the codeguys. To go back to 1633 firmware that rule applies too. Once back to 1633 firmware you can use LiteOn firmware again. You can find all the information about this and many more in the sticky threads. You should read them first, especially the EEPROM one, the LiteOn livesaver!
I have a 1633 that came with BS0C. I flashed to BS0R, than BS0S, tried CS0K, CSTJ, went back to BS0S (Ledfix) and now I’m a happy user of CS0M (Ledfix), which I can recommend. Enjoy!

:cool: Leo


I have a crossflashed Digital Max DRW3S163 burner to a Lite On SOHW-1633S with firmware BS41 and would like to flash to the BSOS firmware. Would I use the Codeguy BSOS crossflash firmware at his site or has someone had better results with another firmware version. I am having compatibility problems with the BS41 firmware not recognizing media yet with an an original DRW3S163 no problem. Any help appreciated.


get the 1653S CS0M firmware. it is really good and newer than any 1633s firmware.

get it here: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/1653S.CS0K.patched-cf-rs-ledfix.rar


chok0, is this link correct for the CSOM patch since I see CSOK as the title when I select the link? Would I be able to just directly apply the patch direct without any other software? Keep in mind this was once a Digital Max firmwared drive.

Thanks for the help.


get CS0M here: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/1653S.CS0M.patched-cf-ledfix.rar

just apply the “1653S.CS0M.patched-cf-ledfix.exe” and flash your drive.


CSOM patch worked fine now shows as a 1653

Thanks for the info and help!



I haven’t had a lot of luck with any of the @1653’s firmware except CSTJ. I’m now back to a 1633 using Sony FW (BYX3) and it’s working very well. (very similar to CSTJ, BTW, at least for my system) Maybe one or two level 2 spikes in the PIF graph, and an average of 1.5 (max 6-8) in the PI error graph. Good enough for me, buth that doesn’t mean I won’t try something else just for the sake of trying it. :stuck_out_tongue:

With that said, does anyone know how Sony’s BYX4 stacks up against BYX3? CodeKing?



I had concerns that the quality of my burns were degrading, so I tried a few different options with my 1633S.

I have been using BS41 since it came out, seems very consistent, but I figured I’d back grade to BSOS and check out some burns just in case it was the BS41 causing me trouble.
BSOS right away gave burns that looked worse with a scan than with the BS41, not good, and I really think it’s maybe the “worst” option.

I was reluctant to try a patched firmware, but I gave CSOM a try, the one with all the patches red led etc, and I got to say I like it fine so far.
The question though is if it’s as good as BS41 or better?, so far I’m not sure it’s much better, but then it’s not worse either.

Still working out all the in’s and out’s of scanning and testing DVD’s though, but really, I don’t think you can go wrong with BS41 or a patched CSOM, I’m keen to see how things go with the CSOM burning, if nothing else, I kind of like that it now shows red when it’s burning, always felt wrong seeing a green light when your burning a cd/dvd…


I got the liteon 1633s in nov from walmart and it worked perfect. i did update the firmware when it came out. so as of today i got the current firmware that was listed in dec.2004. I cant seem to make good burns. i got a 200 pack of ritek G03 and it had been going great till a week ago. the last 20 disks of the 200 pack are not burning good. they will take 10-11 mins and error on read out. or sometimes not even error out but still not work at all. i use roxio 7.5 nero 6, and Sonice MYdvd. I never had a issue with them till now. no matter which program i use it wont burn right. Since this is a new issue i thought maybe a windows error so i reinstalled XP. Still got the same problem. I searched and search for a answer with no luck. can anyone help me.