What is the best firmware to burn with lite on 48125W?

I would like to know which is the best firmware for the lite on 48125W in speed time?
I actually have the firmware V02, do it will be quicker wih the v08?
do anyone test?

thanks a lot !


Read This.

ok thank you, but I have already read this post…

I want to know for exemple how long is for burning a 700MB cdr with firmiware S02 and how long with firmware s08 per exemple, because when you see the test of the liteon 40X in cd freaks’s article, you can see than liteon 48125W with firmware S02 is quicker than one with firmware S06, which is more recent.

thanks in advance.

For 48x writing, they’re all the same.
For 40x, 32x and 24x, VS02 is faster.

But note that only VS08 is good for reading protected audio cds, and it has IMHO much better media support.

As I recall, VS02 saved me about 10-15 seconds on a 32x or 40x burn of 700MB, over the later (slower) FW. VS08 is by far the best choice unless you really, really need speed.

As for the cons, VS08 according to my experience doesn’t support
the overburning tests/ determination of CDR capacity.

I have used VS06 which shipped with the burner & then upgraded to VS08.

Burn quality is a lot better with VS08.

Also you can burn some more CD-Rs @ 48x which could be burnt with VS06 @ 40x.

But VS08 has the bug mentioned by BoSkin