What is the best firmware for H10A?


I have a LG-H10A, currently using firmware JJ11. However, I have somewhat lost “overview” about what is possible with that drive. I am currently wondering:

  • to which drives can the H10A be crossflashed to? I somewhere read that even crossflashing to H12N is possible.

  • which is the best firmware at the moment, for my drive? Can I easily upgrade to that one from the one currently installed?



You can crossflash to a H12N drive that’s capable of burning up to 18x. You can grab UJ12 firmware from here, use MSCE tool created by ala42 to open up the firmware, select your current drive ID in the lower right pull-down box (JJ11 => H10N), save the patched firmware, and flash the drive. Once you reboot, the drive should identify itself now as a H12N.

Read the LG FAQ.