What is the best firmware for benq dw1655?

Does anyone know what the best firmware is for benq dw1655?

BCIB is the latest one, which has the newest writing strategies, but OPC operation is broken for CMCMAG E01 discs in all firmwares versions except BCDB.
BCDB is older, but has OPC working.

Read here:

There are various bugs in BCIB and BCIH firmwares, including media not burning faster than 4x and media being coastered at some combinations of WOPC/SolidBurn settings.

The BCGB firmware doesn’t have normal OPC operation for CMC MAG E01 media, but it seems to burn this media better than BCDB which does have normal OPC operation for E01.

My 1st choice is BCGB and my 2nd choice is BCDB.