What is the best DVD-RW between $30-75

i have a ASUS DRW-1604 and it is a peice of crap, so i want to get a new burner

i have been looking at these drives so far

NEC ND-3550
NEC ND-4550 (i can’t find it for sale in USA)
Plextor PL-716 (Price is too much)
Plextor PL-755 (don’t think its hit the market yet)

don’t just tell me what one of those to get recomend anything not on my list

If you want a good all in one burner, get the Benq 1655. Newegg currently has them for $50+5.

The Nec 4550 is sold under the MadDog label, and can be cross flashed to a 4550. Plextor has quality control issues.

NEC 3550, Liteon 1693, LG 4167. Of the models I can recommend, these are currently available.

You need to decide if you are concerned about ripping, bitsetting, or scanning.

If you use TY +R 8X you will find almost any current drive will be perfect.



Or get a 3550 at newegg.com! Same as a 4550 without RAM.