What is the best DVD ROM for Ripping music?

Till now i have Lg dvd/rw…now he make errors when he rip last songs from original cd’s…please tell me what is best dvd rom for ripping music…i ripp music from NEW original cd’s and i need good one who can reapir errors and one who can easy read everything

i like Lg but maybe i have mistake and you know better , pleasee help

it’s not important is it interanal or external dvd rom or maybe only reader not RW i wish best thing for ripping music

Please don’t post the same question in different forums S0nic. I’m going to close this one, but you can look for answers in your thread in the optical drives forum, here: http://club.myce.com/f107/wish-buy-dvd-rw-ripping-music-329686/#post2659289