What is the best DVD recorder to use with dish/Direct satellite?

I am looking for the best DVD recorder to use with my DISHDVR510 DVR from dish Network. The recorder should be able to work with any DVR from dish Network or Direct TV.

If you know of a recorder please tell me if this is from direct experience or second hand. Also, please tell me the best way to hook it up.

Thank you.

I assume that you are talking about stand alone DVD recorder if yes then brands like Pioneer, Sony, Samsung and Panasonic will do a good job.

Yes, stand alone and thank you.

Then if I were you, I would consider to buy VHS/DVD Recorder Combo since you can always use it to convert any VHS video you might have to best quality DVD. Also Try to get the one capable with DVD+/-RW.

TCAS, thank you for the information.

Besides getting a VHS/DVD Recorder Combo and capable with DVD+/-RW, what other specs. should I look for in a recorder?

Thank you.

Picture quality at 2hr and 4hr modes, the most used times.

Sorry to differ with another member’s opinion, but getting a combination DVD/VHS recorder is not the best option if your requirements include transferring VHS to DVD. It’s fine if you have unprotected VHS titles but useless if they are commercial and protected by Macrovision.

The most flexible combination is to get a separate DVD recorder just to cover your satellite recordings, and a filtering device which will sit between the DVD recorder and VHS recorder and allow you to copy your VHS titles across to the DVD recorder (assuming you already have a VHS recorder).

i entirely agree with imkidd57 as vhs/dvd combo are rather a cheap alternative to getting a half decent DVD RECORDER-----------------SILVERSURFER----------------

I made my own DVR by putting a desktop PC in my home theatre system, thus bypassing copy protection problems with VHS and HD content on cable and satellite. It has a remote and works just like any TIVO without the monthly charges. I can copy my tapes and any other content and put it on DVD.

That is wishful thinking.
Without converting through analogue most signals cannot get recorded because of protections and broadcast flags.

My DVR has a MyHD-130 tuner and capture card with inputs to receive and capture analogue and digital HD over the air TV, analogue and QAM cable TV, and analogue and HD digital satellite TV, with resolution up to 1400i and 1400p.

Very nice, but as chef says, how do you remove the DRM from the broadcasts?