What is the best DVD reader for PC?

Hi all,
may you give me some advice for buying a new DVD reader for my computer ?

Someone told me that Toshiba 1702 and Liteon are the best ones.
They said Toshiba last model (1802) isn’t as good as the 1702 one.
Also, Pioneer is a good one.

But also I read of some people reporting problems with their Liteon, and some who say Pioneer is the best.

That’s too much confusing!

I guess, a DVD player is good when it extracts audio and everything just fine, and reads in RAW mode just fine.

What do you think?

I have a JLMS (aka LiteOn) XJ-HD166S and it’s very good. I wouldn’t trade it for any Toshiba or Pioneer drive.

Indeed, the Toshiba 1712 is a nice drive and the 1812 isn’t… but the LiteOn (JLMS) 166 series drives are even better. I’d say they are the best available…

Fast, good with protections, no riplocks etc!

Problems? Well of course, there are always problems with every model, but those often boil down to the user, software or whatsoever. The LiteOn drives are absolutely good!

If you prefer, the newer model LiteOn 167T is just as good.

The only problem people have w/ 166S is 1) they are jealous their pioneer/toshiba/whatever drive can’t rip as fast, 2) they complain it’s too damn loud. Well, get some ear plugs or put on the big headphones and turn up the music.

There’s no more 166S at newegg. Sad. But I might get the 167T when my current 166S dies. On my 2nd 166S actually. Ripping 5 DVDs everyday does that to the best of drives. For testing purposes of course. No, really, I was.