What is the Best DVD-R media for professional application?



I know this is a $64K question!! I need to know what is the best? Tayio Yuden, Ritek etc…??? I need to know if there are archival quality DVD-R’s similar to what I can get from B&H Photo in professional broadcast quality S-VHS tapes?? Thanks!



It is very hard to beat Taiyo Yuden for quality, durability and longivity IMO-

Best place to purchase is www.rima.com



I think there are two interesting contenders to TY, which are TDK’s TTH01 (expensive, sold as single only, “scratch proof”) and Verbatim’s “Authoring” discs. The latter are VERY difficult to find. Actually I never saw any shop selling these :confused:

Ritek? Lots of discussion about Ritek discs longevity recently. Lots of negative reports about fast degradation. There is a lot of controversy on this subject. I wouldn’t recommend them for archiving purposes :disagree: .


Just to clarify your question, there is no difference between any good media burned on a good drive when you watch it. Very simplistically binary is good or bad with no in between.

The differences are longevity, about which we will all be in the dark for a year or more until the results are in. That issue was addressed above and I concur.

Also there are some media that will burn on some drives and do so with fewer errors which might contribute to better longevity.


Francksoy> Authoring Discs need a special burner. The DVD for Authoring and the DVD for General are not the same.
had1> TY has some mastering grade DVD-R but I dont know if these are available outside of Japan. Personaly I dont see any use of these discs for normal users (these are for professionals making master discs).
In Japan these discs cost about 6.63 US$/Disc when bought in a 10 Pack.
Some links (sorry Japanese only):


Didn’t know that, thanks for the info :slight_smile:
I guess I have some more research to do about these discs :bigsmile:

OK just found on the Verbatim website that their “authoring” discs can only be written on a Pioneer DVR-S201 . Definitly not a reasonable choice :bigsmile: