What is the best DVD-R discs for copying DVD-R from a DVD-R?

I have a Zenith DVD Recorder and VCR Combo Systems. I copied my VHS home movie on to a DVD-R. I would like to make copies to give to my family members.

I am using DVD-R from compUSA and they did not work. I got a DVD-R from a friend that is a SONY DVD-R and it worked.

So my question is: What is the best DVD-R discs to buy for copying DVD-R from a DVD-R?

Go to the blank media forum, there’s a lot of info there.
Folk like a lot of Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim, if you can afford them.



You can get some kicka$$ Taiyo Yuden 1x - 4x from www.shop4tech.com for $31 shipped for 100 (wrapped - no cakebox) with 10% off with code GG10 (be sure to enter it in caps)

These are excellent quality discs for a very reasonable priced shipped IMO-

Look over on the Bargain Basement Forum for additional referral discounts-

Happy Burnin’


verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are the best on the market, but i feel slightly over priced, sony give nuffin but grief on most dvd players, (in the U.K at any rate), and are extortionatly priced. i use and swear by datawrite titainum and classic printables, mid range pricing and i am pleased to report, i dont have a large collection of shiney coaster, so they appear to be relaible aswell!. I get mine from www.svp.co.uk, but they are widely available in most online stores.


Here in Oz, we get “oem” TY DVD-R for 50xTYG01 $35au/$26us and 100xTYG01 $54ish +$10 P&H, upto 150 in 1 bag. TYG02 is just a tad dearer at about $55 for 50/ $95 for 100 (all inkjet printable).

Considering we can get spindles of crap from the major retailers for similar prices to the TYG01 … shrugs why wouldn’t you use TY, albeit at a tad slower speed?

What we do get in australia is shelves of laser/muller/mTV(???) media, all made by our friends at infosmart in hong kong. And then the shops have the balls to charge at least 80cents a disk for it.

I can sometimes be a sad state of affairs :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the “USB compatible” media :wink:

Hah Bumhug!

Shops charge 30c a disc for crap media. Government adds 50c of tax to it. Same with everything else sold … 48c for anything GST exempt.

Err, we are not talking about petrol here. The only media the government in Australia put a lexy on are special audio recorder CD-Rs, which are pointless to use in computers because data CD-Rs work just was well.

Petrol … well … thats another story altogether :confused:

Nice find. Didn’t know that they had gotten cheaper.

All IT items are taxed at 40% by the federal government + cumulative GST of approx 20%

First time I have heard about that … you better start providing some proof for your claims. A name for this 40% tax would definitely be appreciated.

Consider that newegg sell the athlon 3000+ for $146US. Convert that AU dollars it is $193AU. Then add the 10% GST (which does exist), and the price is $212. This is damn close to the $219 I can buy the processor from umart.com.au in Queensland, Australia.

I cannot see any invisible 40% tax, so I am calling BS until you can provide some more concrete proof.

Apologies, you are correct.

Tax on Electrical / Computer items has dropped by 10% since I last looked.

Import Duties is 5% on all products.
Wholesale Sales Tax has dropped by 10% down to 22%.

Gst remains at 10% at the cash register.

Which adds upto 27% (rather than the initial 37% on IT/Electronics)

  • Accumulative effect of the GST (which is a straight 12.7% on the above figures, but significantly higher if you trace back the GST on fuel/transport/other services involved between import & retail shelf.

Which interestingly means that without an in-depth study of indirect taxes/costs on fuel/transport/services that there is now an additional 2.2% tax on electronics & IT items compared to the pre-GST era.

I can accept the 10% GST and 5% import duty,

But sales tax has not been collected since mid-2000 … as said directly by our “friends” at the ATO:

ATO link to tax law 1999

Wholesales Sales tax has been abolished as at 1st July 2000.
The simple version.