What is the best dvd player for my pc around?




the thread is simple, what is the best dvd player for my pc to buy???

OR: what dvd-rom is the BEST DVD READER around

why? : i got some discs which play perfectly in my standalone burner but my nec 2500a CANT READ those discs (the discs doesnt contain any sratches), i know the nec 2500a is a bad reader, but
what dvdrom player is the BEST READER

hope you guys can help me finding this :slight_smile:

thanks !




If you’d do a searh for “best AND dvdrom” or so, you’ll find tons of information. To give you a quick answer: most people prefer the LiteOn DVDROM drives, as they are about perfect. The 167-series are the latest models, but the somewhat older 166-series are very fine as well!