What is the best DVD burning application for win98 users?


apparently “Roxio Easy Media Creator 8” is the tops if you’ve got xp but what is the best dvd burning app for people still using windows 98? all help is appreciated, thanks!

EDIT: http://www.roxio.com/en/products/emc/system_requirements.jhtml
proof that winxp or win2k is required for “Roxio Easy Media Creator 8”

try DVD Decrypter/ImgBurn or CD-DVD Speed :wink:

Nero should work :wink: Why don’t you upgrade to windows xp?

i have a copy of nero but somehow it seems to be recognizing blank verbatim dvd-rs as blank cdrs (the scale on the bottom only goes to 850MB) and i can’t find a ‘data dvd’ function anywhere. i haven’t upgraded this app because i’ve been told that newer versions ‘are buggy and crap’ :confused:

my reason for not upgrading to xp is i want to make some dvd backups now rather than having to back up twice in order to use a preferred hdd for ‘c:’. my other reason would have been ‘it’s not really necessary’ but as evidenced by my query, things are beginning to change.

odd, it seems that i can’t edit my above post… :confused:

the latest nero 6 patch from the official website seems to have added previously missing dvd burning as well as a host of other new features; i’m really quite surprised at the whole new look and all and everything seems to be working alright…

-i wish i could remember why it is that i shouldn’t have upgraded… oh well :confused: