What is the best DVD Burner under $25 on Newegg



Pretty much as the question says. I never use DVD burners, but I got a $20 Newegg GC and might as well stick one in the case for the one time I’ll ever use it.


I’m not convinced there is a great deal of difference amongst the LG, Lite-on and Optiarcs that are available these days. I’d avoid the Pioneer 219.

If forced to buy a new model, I’d probably get the Optiarc 7280s.


Thanks. There are many models of each of the LG, Samsung, Lite-On, Sony drives under $25, so I was wondering if there was a winner.


I like Lite-On for the firmware updates available for my drive but on the bad side the eject on this drive doesn’t work well due to a very cheap drive opener.
I have a couple of Samsungs I like that were bought from New Egg .
Both are IDE so probably not what you are looking for.
I don’t have any of the other drive brands.
I do have one old Matshita( Panasonic) but no firmware updates available for it so not one I would recommend.


Thanks, I’ll see about ordering the 7280s suggested by Kerry56 then. A Couple of days before the GC comes in though.


I just, about two weeks ago, replaced my burner, a completely forgettable Samsung, with a Sony-Optiarc AD-7261S with which I am comletely happy.

I use it mostly for audio CD ripping with EAC and other than my old NEC drives I’ve never been entirely happy with the function of anything other than optiarc drives.

In “Secure mode” the new Sony Rips CD’s in about 40% of the time that my LG or Samsung drives would do the same job in burst mode

Waiting 2min and a few seconds for a CD to rip is infinatly preferable to waiting 5min+

Plus there are certain discs that I keep specific copies of on hand
purely as test articles, typically because they are often trouble to rip…

for example Rob Thomas “Something to Be” dual sided CD/DVD gives problems ripping the audio on many drives… NOT on this AD-7261S
or my old ND-3550

Any drive that will rip this CD and do so in under 3min in secure mode is damned good.

Not exactly “Scientific” by Hydrogen Audio standards but it is a consistant repeatable test that tells you what you really want to know