What is the best DVD Burner, DVD Recorder and so on?


Will someone take a look on this site: http://www.newegg.com and tell me what would be the best hardware such as DVD Burners, DVD Convertors, DVD Recorders and so on?? And also on that site, will someone look to see what is the best hardware to build a computer from scracth including the monitor?? Please nothing expenise. This is some time in the future. I’m not going to buy a $5,000 monitor. I would have to be nuts for me to do something like that. Thanx guys…

There is no way we can pick out components for you. We have no idea what your expectations, uses or budget are like. If you want a starting point, I suggest you look here:

This shows three different builds, with different budgets and goals. I suggest you look at the Hot Rod and the Budget Box, or perhaps a combination of the two as a start for your build.

As far as dvd burners go—if you want to buy right now, I’d look at the Pioneer A07 or the NEC 2500. If you don’t expect to be adding one anytime soon, I’d wait until spring when the dual layer burners hit the stores. Even if you can’t afford one, they should make the price of the current 8x single layer burners drop in price.

BTW, had a friend from Dallas, PA once upon a time. Lost touch a long time ago though.