What is the best dvd backup software for 3500A?

Just got my nec 3500a and i was wondering what is the best software to use to backup my dvds with this drive? Thanks in avance


RecordNow Max version 4.5 or 4.6 is known to have a much more stable and reliable burning engine than Nero’s buggy engine that gets fixed or broken with each new release.

Nero for single layer burning is easy. But can’t optimize layer break position at this time (and dunno what’s a .IFO file… :slight_smile: )

CopyToDVD 3 can optimize layer break position for DVD+R DL burns.

So I have both of them…

DVDShrink and DVDDecryptor assuming you don’t object to free stuff :wink:

The new version of DVDShrink with Adaptive Error Compression (AEC) does a great job even with lots of compression if you allow it to do a full analysis and use AEC. It’s evidently as efficient as anything out there but will make you want a faster computer for when you compress disks.

You can also use DVDShrink to generate an ISO image file of the DVD and then burn it with DVDDecryptor which has a great burning engine. It’s reported to work perfectly on dual layer too although I haven’t tried that.

When compressing a DVD, you might want to use DVDDecryptor to read the full DVD on to your hard drive so DVDShrink doesn’t have to read the DVD multiple times.


Ive just installed my nec 3500ag 2.16 f/w and recordnow dx 4.60 build 460B25e.500.18(ltt) pxengine 507 dosent see the drive, but it works ok with dvddecripter.

any sugestions?

thanks acko

RN 4.60 doesn´t see your drive per default… :wink:

Read more about this issue HERE.


thanks pinto2 :slight_smile:

updated pxdrv.ll to version and after re-boot rndx still doesn`t see my 3500, i did a search on the thread you gave me and soom posts refer to version 4.61 i have 4.60 could this be an issue?
nero 5.5 can see it as well as dvdd. :confused:

Backupping what? I use dvdshrink to copy a dvd DL to a dvd SL. It’s easy, free and quite fast plus all in wonder.

combination of DVD Shrink and Nero Burning Rom, DVD Shring for the ripping, Encoding & Shrinking the files and Nero Burning Rom for buring the intended files to be backed up.

Hmm, I have applied this “update” to Stomp RN 4.5… :wink: No DL support though with that burning app.

Yeah, I know it´s a long thread, but THIS post is of most interest if you wanna get it right. :cool:

Remember also to use the “right” pxdrv.dll file.

:o mmm i must have been on auto pilot by the time i got to page 6, thanks for pointing me to the right thread :bow:

cheers acko

ps flashed to V2.C8 :bigsmile:


Well I have been using nero since about 10 versions ago and have not had any problems it works great… and I venture to say I have burned more dual layer discs than anyone else since I have about 200 blanks in the house… probalby burned about 25 with nero and the 3500 and only have 1 coaster and that was due to a bad disc that I sent back to verbatim to get replaced (power calibration error as soon as layer 2 started)…

And I am now burning all my dl discs at 4x and I have error scanned them and the quality is great so there is no problem burning them at 4x also…

First, my apologize to bball1515, me being part hijacking your thread… :wink:

Second, glad you made it acko. :smiley:

lgkahn, not all of us can afford DL DVD discs, less have “200” lying around.
For a waste majority, backing up “dvds” is still a SL business.

Nero, RecordNow, DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink are all useful tools.
And yes, Nero´s “every week new patch version” has been a piece of crap quite many times, from what I have seen at this and other forum´s…

I use to be a huge DVDDecryptor/DVD2One/RecordNowMax fan. Now I just use DVDShrink and Nero. I also let DVDshrink do the deep analysis and AEC or something. I’m still doing DVD9 to DVDR and I’m happy with the results.

lgkahn, not all of us can afford DL DVD discs, less have “200” lying around.
For a waste majority, backing up “dvds” is still a SL business

most of my dvds are SL … only when I need the space hence only 25… I fell into a windfall and didn’t buy them…