What is the Best Dual Layer Dvd Burner Internal Drive?



I need something settled once and for all… I want to know what the best / fastest dual layer Internal dvd burner drive? It seems that everyone has a favorite brand… but I am going to take this drive and put it in an enclosure and use it with my mac…
I need something with a 12x-16x read/rip speed so I can rip Dvd’s with Handbrake and then also burn dual layer data dvd’s… I need it to Burn and rip with no errors!!! I do not care about loudness…
Thanks for your help:confused:


The faster reader is the 223 by samsung (using a patched firmware), i dont know how good it is with dual layer media.


From all my drives (BenQ, LG, NEC, LiteOn, Pioneer etc.), I get the best and most reliable results with my Pioneer DVR-215 when it comes to DL media. I use Verbatim DL media exclusively, and it does an excellent job with both 2.4x and 8x Verbatim DL media (MKM001 and MKM003).

The DVR-215 will rip DL media up to 12x. It’s not the best reader out there, but it still does a good job when it comes to reading. I use mine exclusively for burning though.

The drawbacks of the drive, e.g. no bitsetting, can be fixed with the great tool MediaCodeSpeedEdit, but you will void your warranty using it.


For the majority of my DLs, I rotate between my SH-S203B (patched with SB01 firmware), & DVR-215D (patched with 1.18 firmware).