What is the best DL DVD media?

I don’t see any postings on DL DVD media…I’ve been doing single layer DVD recording and will be switching to a DL recorder soon…I’ve been buying whatever’s on sale at COmpUSA…but that is gonna stop!!!..I bought some TDK DVD+R discs and…whoa!!..I copied a DVD and…it kept getting stuck about 4 minutes into the movie…re-recorded it on another same DVD disk,.,same problem…tried recording a different movie to the DVD disk…same problem!!!..the DVD disks are bad!!!..this has never happened before…I gotta throw away like 50 of these blank disks…!!!..can’t depend on these disks…gonna go to Pricewatch and get some Taiyo Yudens …I guess?!..but they don’t manufacture DL???..so what’s the best DL and least expensive??..

Not necessarily the least expensive, but definitely the best quality at the moment IMO - Verbatim DVD+R DL :iagree:

TY do make DVD-R DL (at one time it was only available in Japan, but it’s popped up here in the UK recently).

so what’s IMO?..oh…in my opinion!!..hahahha :bow:

You got it :wink:

Another vote for Verbatim branded +R DL :iagree: MKM-001 and MKM-003 is the only way to go at this time.

…A SEPARATE ISSUE TO rolling 56…not sure if you’re aware of KPFA radio in Berkeley, California…but they’ve got theses archives dating back to May of 2004…containing “Blues by the Bay” with Tom Mazzolini…and archives from the “Johnny Otis Shows”…check it out!!!

Thanks i’ll bookmark it :clap: You like Blues?

Verbatim dual layer gets my vote too :smiley:

These just may not be IMO’s or votes … it may be a fact. The only DL +R media of constant, high quality and longevity seems to be Verbatim MIS. I truly fear the day that only MII DL Verbs are available. I really need the consistant quality I have become used to and don’t like changes. :a :sad: :frowning: Why would Verb risk their reputation when loyal users would gladly pay a bit more than the useless crap DL choices that are otherwise available?


Any Verbatim DL, or CMC Mag D01 is another viable option (available as HP brand DL)

oh yea…and I’ve discovered Total Recorder to put the radio broadcasts to CD…
'cept can only record 1 hour of MP3 to CD…for my CD player in the garage…gotta set up a PC in my garage now!!..or an MP3 player …haha :iagree:

only two I can trust DL media Verbatim MKM-001 and MKM-003 :bow:
P.S MIS only :iagree:

what’s MIS or MII?

MIS made in Singapore
MII made in India

So what is the best DL burner to use on the Verbatim DL media? And at what burn speed?

Most writers actually write verbatim DL media fine. It’s pretty much the best disc and most consistent so almost all if not every single new drive out now will have some good support for verbatim DL media.

I would burn them @ 2.4x or 4x. Some burners write at 6x and even 8x but I find it doesn’t really increase playability or anything and it’s safer to stay below 6x.

Please check the reviews, there is no “best” burner, ever.

Also, “Verbatim DL” can be either DVD+R DL or DVD-R DL… :bigsmile:
And, there is MKM001 and MKM003 in case of DVD+R DL.

Correct, and I’d recommend the +R discs :wink:

EZ Verbatim dual layer DVD+R

The Verbatim +R DL discs get my vote aswell.