What Is the Best DL DVD Burner for CloneDVD2?

I’ve been having some long term issues with my Samsung DL Burner when it comes to burning DL DVDs, so I’m thinking about getting a new burner… Does anyone have any suggestions on what burner I should buy that is compatible with, and gives me the least headaches when using CloneDVD2 in conjunction with AnyDVD?

Basically what is the best DL burner to use with CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD?

(Personal experiences with burners and opinions on burners are all welcome)

My opinion:

BenQ 1655 Burner

Verbatim DL (not an opinion: Fact: It is the only reliable DL media available)

Buy CloneCD for your Dual Layer burning. It maintains the original’s layer break … CloneDVD does not.

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The Pioneer DVR-111D produces excellent results when using quality media. You might want to visit the CD Freaks Pioneer DVD Forum and view postings concerning the Pioneer DVR-111D ->


The general consensus is that Verbatim DL Media is the preferred DL Media for quality error free results.


Mine is a Lite-on 832S DVD DL burner has works good for me and with the latest firmware update on any burner will help to burn better. I plan to upgrade later to the Lite-on SHM-165H6S-my experiences using my lite-on 832S has produced good DL 1:1 copies with CloneCD and good conversion from DVD+9 to DVD+5 with CloneDVD2 both software from slysoft.

Thanks guys for all the help. I just tried another 3 times tonight with varying problems from pixilation to just stoping right in the middle of the disc. All I’ve been able to find on firmware for my burner is US07 which has not helped at all. BeLookin thanks for the help because I know you were answering me on two seperate posts. Each starting out a bit different but eventually merging into one.

Looks like I’m going to look into purchasing a new burner, thanks again. And if you want to give me a few names on the latest and greatest DVD burners as well that would be great…Not sure if the ones you gave me where the ones you currently own or new to the market (havn’t had time to research them)

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