What is the Best Disk Image Editor and Virtual Drive Manager?

Hi, I’m a newbie to forums and such. I’ve been on a couple already. But I wanna know which software is the best for editing and/or mounting Disk Images.

Now I looked into a couple of software that I’ve found such as UltraISO and WinISO until I came across PowerISO. Now for me I love this piece of becuz of it offers you the three functions for disk images: 1) Disk Image Editing; 2) Virtual Drive Management; 3) Disk Image Burning. Also the reason why I kept it is due to the compatibility for the numerous Disk Image File Extensions it can support. This is the list of extensions PowerISO can support:

.iso; .daa; .bin; .cue; .nrg; .img; .mdf; .mds; .bwi; .b5i; .gi; .cdi; .pdi; .p01;
.pxi; .ncd; .c2d; .cif; .lcd; .fcd; .vcd

I would like to confirm the popularity behind these disk images and where they come from. [.daa] is a Direct Access Archive and i’ve seen this disk image type before. I am not sure if PowerISO is the only software this image is only compatible for. From I’ve read it is [Wikipedia actually: Direct Access Archive article ]. But like I’ve seen it a couple of times. People actually use this type of disk image.

But sometimes I feel that PowerISO is not a reliable piece of software, so now I’m asking this question the whole point of this thread. What is the best Disk Image Editing software, and what and how many disk image file extensions does it support? Also which is the best Virtual Drive Manager, and what and how many disk image file extensions does it support? Whether freeware or shareware I would like to know.

Thank you and goodbye.

Check out "Acronis True Image 10.0 Home"
and "Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0"

I’m getting Disk Director soon but will continue using Ghost 2003 for other stuff in the meantime.

Aren’t those products for Hard Disk Drives? I was talking about products for Disk Image Files. Guess i wasn’t specific enough. whoops =S. anyways i want products for Disk Image Files. and not Hard Disk Drives

Honestly I think Daemon Tools is the best Virtual drive program. I also use UltraISO which has all the functions I need. Never used PowerISO so I can not comment on that program.

Daemon tools I believe supports up to 4 virtual drives. It can be set in the options and is a basic and easy to use program. It is freeware.

Ultra ISO greatest software for creating/editing I ever seen :wink:

Hey thanks a lot. I got UltraISO as you guys told me and i really like it. For others who come across this forum post this is a real great help.

Now I checked out DAEMON Tools. It is nice and does provide you with 4 virtual drives which is basically enough. Check out the wikipedia article DAEMON Tools. However as in the article stated there is an optional Adware you can install. I got a anti-virus installed and it simplied blocked without me having a choice in installing it. When I uninstalled it the Adware stayed. You have to cut and paste the directory still left there in Program Files after the unistall somewhere else and then delete it. Also i had a problem with this software with its installation of the four virtual drives. You have to reboot everytime you want 4 drives or 3 drives and its kinda annoying.

I got Alcohol 120% actuallly and its real nice actually however you have to buy it. When you create multiple virtual drives it simply tells you to wait until it finishes the job and NOT reboot everytime. PowerISO is really quick when you enable several drives (8 is its most). But of course PowerISO is dodgy i can tell you. Alcohol 120% gives you 31 at most. of course you dont need that many. it also enables you to offer many other extensions like bin or daa since only several are recognized by Alcohol 120%. I havent tried it with a daa but i hope it works. But anyways its simply the best. Check out this wikipedia article: Alcohol 120%.

I tried UltraISO. My god its good. It allows intergration with a virtual drive manager and with a burning software. Meaning the Alcohol 120% or DAEMON Tools can intergrate for thisbe used for this. take note that UltraISO also creates a virtual drive for you. However you can choose not to install this feature and i prefer that since ive got Alcohol 120% and not have an annoying extra virtual drive. Also i can use my Nero Burning Rom for intergration as well. I always prefer my Nero while my PowerISO didn’t and yea dodgy. Check out this wikipedia article: UltraISO.

So I have made the conclusion to this:

  1. The Best Virtual Drive Manager: Alcohol 120%
  2. The Best Disk Image Editor: UltraISO

Well hopes this help for all of ya who found this. Cyas.