What is the best current drive for extracting audio?

Hi! I already have a LG 4163 that does quite well but it doesn’t quite read everything. I hate how certain drives will read certain discs and won’t read others. For instance, when I’m ripping a dvd and neither one of my drives will rip it successfully, thats when things start to go :a My current LiteOn dvd-rom which is like 5 years old will no longer read CDs of anykind.

I’m really huge on a drives ability to read scratches and error correction. In other words, I’m one of those peeps who get annoyed when I can’t extract an audio cd perfectly with EAC secure mode.

Which drives on the market, cd-rom, dvd-rom, or dvd rewriter, etc will extract audio the best hands down? I also value dvd error correction too, but things like speed and writing accuracy aren’t priorities.

I almost forgot! According to EAC, “cacheing” isn’t a desirable feature so preferabley I’d like a drive that doesn’t support that. Unless it’s something I don’t really need to worry about…any explainations? Thanks!

1693 I have been told is a good reader! Chas is the expert on this!

As I understand it, good audio extraction and good error correction are not necessarily the same thing. Also, as I recall, you can disable caching in EAC if you want. I have run all my drives through the EAC process to determine the “best” DVD drive and the LG 4163 was the first choice so I would not run out looking for a replacement just yet. Just set your read offset to +667 and give it a try. If you are a purist, the Plextor Premium has always been considered the best. I will be sorry when mine goes as the Premium II is not available yet.