What is the Best Current CD/DVD READER?

So many gurus here have so much experience with various drives, I knew this would be the place to get my question answered… :bow:

My Lite-On SOHC-5232K has become flaky of late reading/ripping DVDs and I need to replace it. Since the price of DVD burners is so cheap nowadays, I don’t have to limit myself to DVD-ROM choices even though my primary purpose for it will be to read CDs and DVDs to hard drive. And if the best reader doesn’t happen to be a writer, I am fine with that. I want to know what drive (or drive family/chipset) is considered the best for reading, error-correction, DAE, DVD ripping, game backups, etc., even with scratched or otherwise less-than-perfect discs.

I am hesitant to get a SATA optical drive at this time since I have heard about a lot of compatibility issues. Also, I don’t care how loud the drive gets, though I do care about build quality (it would be nice if it lasted awhile). I am hoping that there is a drive out there that can read/backup CDs as well as my old LTR-52327S used to back in the day, plus read DVDs with the best of them. And if it turns out to be a better DVD burner than my 165H6S, then great!

Thanks so much!

Most of the recent DVD-RW drives are pretty good CD and DVD
readers. I find Liteon drives are very good at reading damaged
discs. I have seen a couple of discs that the BenQ couldn’t read
and the Liteon could.

I can’t comment about SATA drives. All of mine are PATA.

My Pioneer 111 and 112 have both managed to rip an ISO of Live and Let Die, whereas my BenQ DW1640 and Lite-On LH-20A1H have both failed after 20 read retries at 57% at the layer break.

My Samsung SH-S182D is an excellent reader when it comes to damaged discs. It produces flawless TRTs even on discs that other drives reject completely. The only downside is, that it is a bit slow. It reads DVD+/-R at 12x and DVD9 only at 8x.

I guess I was worried for nothing. I has been some time since I’ve been researching burners and I was out of touch with the latest tech.

Thanks for all the great info!

almost all brands have adopted some form of ‘flawless read’ where it will automatically detect errors, and re-read the sector slower

so your rip will end up being flawless, or fail to finish at all, in which case the disc is probably REALLY screwed up

used to be that only high end benq and plextor drives had this strict error correction, but it’s universal anymore. even my $40 samsung does a PERFECT job of reading discs at all speeds.

Interesting. BenQ and Plextor drives (accompanied by NEC) are/were the worst readers around, especially when it comes to damaged/poorly burnt media. And as i said above (and i’m sure many CDfreaks members will agree) the recent Samsungs probably have the best error correction.

Hmm, my old(ish) plexwriter premium 52x cd-rw drive was the best drive i ever owned, reading AND writing, and i would’ve expected that quality to carry over into the later dvd-drives, but i guess you never know

The point is: do you want a faster reader for good quality media or a reader for scratched and problematic media?

1 or the other…

One vote from me too for Samsung 182. Fantastic with scratched discs.

And with those that are degrading - Ritek G05s for example.

A lot of people swear by the ASUS DVD ROM drives. They seem to be the current champ for damaged discs.

I have an LG DVD-ROM drive, new, and it reads DVDs from the library that look like someone took sandpaper to them.

thanks for info very Interesting I own SH-182M I gonna have some test
and my reader is two Plextor 760A (1.06 & 1.05) almost one year now
I never had any problem.( I use for only reader not burning sometime burn data CD only )