What is the best/cheapest 16GB USB stick for a Xbox 360?

Hi there,

Recently i have been toying with the thought of adding a 16GB USB memory stick to my Xbox 360. Since the last firmware update you can use an USB stick to save games, profiles and other Xbox 360 data. Minimal 1, maximal 16GB of data can be used.

See here for more information.

Since this is way cheaper than purchasing an original Xbox 360 big harddisk, i was wondering if somebody has some experience with using usb stick(s) this way on their Xbox 360.

I am also wondering how much usb sticks you can maximal use at the same time like this on a single Xbox 360. It would require a usb hub of course.

I’ve currently tested a single USB 2.0 Kingston 8 GB. Leaves 7,5 GB of data (since Mickeysoft’s DRM needs 512MB). It tells me that the performance of the USB key isn’t good enough to actually run games, but i have not seen any weird issues. Perfect for storing old savegames.

Too bad you can’t store ripped music on it.