What is the best CD/DVD/video game automated disc repair device?

CD Freaks members:

I am looking for the best automated CD repair device to purchase.

I have been using one of the AutoMax machines by Digital Innovations. Products from this company have worked well for me over the past half a decade, but recently for no reason at all it destroyed several dozen CDs which now all skip with bad damage. I have come across many websites where people claim their machines have broken and had otherwise undesirable consequences of using. Also, I have needed to purchase a new system every 1-2 years and the resurfacing wheels are expensive, it is time-consuming & requires much human capital, does not always work properly, etc.

Anyway, I must clean/repair many used discs (hundreds/thousands) for the purposes of my online business. Since it is for business use I will be willing to spend hundreds of dollars for the proper machine but I don’t want to just wastefully throw money around for junk…I need some advice on the best machine to use.

Some research has led me to discover several fairly inexpensive choices, such as Simo & JFJ Easy Pro, but there is limited info on each. Key attributes of machine that I desire include low maintenance, lowest cost per disc, speed of disc repair, number of discs that can be repaired simultaneously, fastest time for cleaning/repairing disc, as minimal amount of human interaction w/ machine as possible, etc.

Please inform me of any opinions, facts, ideas, personal experiences, etc. w/ such machines, as I would like to make this purchase asap but need further info to make an educated purchase.

Also, please look in software forum for an additional question I have regarding software which will detect skips in audio CDs or errors in other kind of media.

Thank you in advance for all your help.


Hi, I can comment on two machines that I have seen in action. The first is from redisc,-www.redisc.net. The unit is approx 350 euros-£250.00. This unit is fairly reliable. I found the machine struggled to get deep scratches out, even with the ‘deep scratch’ remover soloution. The second is the very impresive ‘Azuradisk’, machine. It has a hefty price tag of 1,700 dollars. It realy does what it says. Not only will it remove sratches, but deep gouges also. Repair time is from 6mins or under. The machine uses normal tap water. My friend and I share this machine, and since then we have not had a single problem, playing or backing up cd’s or dvd’s. I take your point about wasting money on silly gimmicks. It comes down to, get what you pay for. Buy this and you won’t be dissapointed. There is also a demo video you might wan’t to check out. I wish you luck.


These are a little costly, but i have the old eco jr and it does great.
2 minutes for a lightly scratched disc 3 to 4 minutes for a deeper scratch.I bought it from a Video Rental Store going out of business.