What is the best CD Burning Program?



Hey fellas,… I have been lately trying to burn some games that have security systems on them. I’m kind of new at this stuff so if anyone can point me in the right direction where to find the best Burning Program and all the add-ons I could possibly add, I would very much appreciate it. I also have a IDE-CD R/RW (microsoft) burner…can anyone tell me if I have a piece of shit??? hehehehehehe.


First try NERO from www.ahead.de

its very good to start with.


Their are a few good copyprograms.
Like NERO what is mentioned above, but try CDRWin or CloneCD.
I like CloneCD because he copies almost everything, but you can’t select files. But it is very easy to use.
NERO is good because you can select the files and copies good because you can turn off errors. But NERO is a little complcated the first time
And CDRWin is easy to copy playstation games and audio is also good and it is pretty simple to use.

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Nero is the best all around burning software. Clone CD is best for burning copy protect cd’s because you don’t need a crack or patch. In order to use Clone CD your writer must support RAW writing & the source drive must be able to read RAW in order to make a 1:1 copy.

Don’t know about Microsoft writers. They probably are a POS.