What is the best burning suite out there today?

With all the new"Bloatware" burning suites on the market, what is the hot tip for a good lite all around CD/DVD burning suite today?

Dvd Fab Platinum is my vote to date stay away from Dvd Cloner … Just my opinion… oh try the fab it gives ya a month to beat it up…STEVE

LOL!!! not beat it up …LOL!!! use the … out of it .

[quote=STEVE777411;1928825]Dvd Fab Platinum is my vote to date stay away from Dvd Cloner … Just my opinion… oh try the fab it gives ya a month to beat it up…STEVE[/quote] :clap: Have to agree with you on this as it’s a truely 1 click program and whats best is that it’s always upgraded and bugs fixed right away plus you don’t have to pay for it again in a year like some of the other programs I have had :bow::bow::bow:

There are amny excellent backup program available today.DVD Cloner is not one of them. It all depends on what you want to do. DVD Fab Platinum has many options under 1 interface. Other companys have offered different programs to do different things. Its all up to the user to decide what he or she might need. Visit our fornt page Here and you can evaluate all of them.

If you are interested only in burning discs, then you don’t need at all a suite. ImgBurn is an excellent burning software, and it has all the necessary to burn discs (and actually it has much more, but it’s a very light software and certainly not bloated with useless applications).

However, the choice of a suite is related on your exact needs. If you need also an audio editor, a cover designer, and an avi to dvd converter, then nero is a good choice (even if not exactly cheap).

Again, if you need only a burning software, then ImgBurn is one of the best choices :slight_smile:

I’m not a big fan of suites myself but have really liked ImgBurn. Lacking from ImgBurn is its inability to burn audio CDs. Burrrn is installed to do this for me but I prefer a lean system and having the minimum number applications installed for my needs. Grouping similar tasks within an application makes sense to me.

Instead of a suite I’m looking for ImgBurn like app with the ability to burn audio CDs. InfraRecorder seems to be well on its way but can’t burn images over a network and would prefer a place to type a path to folders or files to be added to a disc.

Somebody is going to ask so I’ll answer now. Burning images across a network is not a normal thing to do but is what I need at work. Don’t need ISOs on my local system eating up space when they have a home on the network. Hate having to copy local then burn. ImgBurn has no issue with this and lets me type a path instead of drill down in an “explorer view”. Just need it to burn music and I’d be golden.

Trying CDBurnerXP again. Noticed they’ve gone to 4.0 finally and so far it does everything I need from what I can tell. Haven’t tried a DVD-video yet but will test that tomorrow.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys may provide.

Another 2 cents worth.
i use Ashampoo Burning Studio 7. Does almost everything (Audio and Video) I need and isn’t bloated. Reasonable price after free trial. So far-no conflicts or issues. Drag-n-drop isn’t there (InCD or DLA) as it is with Roxio or Nero.

Looks great but I really like free if I can. Will keep it in mind if I can’t find a free one though.