What is the best burner

i am thinking of getting a burner what is the best one to get please it will be more for games than music

I see that you are new here. My suggestion: browse the different forums a little to gain some common information about burners.

There is no best burner, speaking in general. Some burners are really good for audio, but not so good in copying protected disks etc… so for what purpose do you want to use your burner?

Another good place to gather some information are the reviews on our frontpage (www.cdfreaks.com) on all kinds of recent burners.

asus and lity are good burners for data
plextor is better for audio.

use the search button
are various threads with the same subject.

The 2 important/dominant brands atm are: Plextor & LiteOn

LiteOn: cheap (very cheap!), good in copying data protections (games), used to be not good in audio protections but this has changed for the latest models, ‘bad’ service, no support from manufacturer (and that is where CDFreaks jumps in!), quality of components dubious, makes a lot of noise

Plextor: expensive, not the best in copying data protections, always good in audio protections, good service/support (2yr warranty), quality of components is good/excellent, doesn’t make that much noise.

Note: this is just my personal opinion. :slight_smile:


thats why i bought an Asus writer instead of an Lity
the asus have better quality components and is solid build.

thanx for that i think i will go for a 48x liteon @ £45 hope it will do the trick