What is the best and easiest way to backup a PS2 game

I want to know the best way to backup my PS2 games. What program should I use, and what type of media should I use?
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For cd based use either clonecd or alcohol using the profile\datatype libcrypt
For dvd based use any iso dvd software ie alcohol, dvd decryptor, nero, recordnow max\dx etc
simplest way for dvd based is to use dvd decryptor just select mode\iso\read and then mode\iso\write
you will need a modchip or some other boot method to be able to play your backups though…

ok thanks for the help. is their a freeware version of dvd decryptor to download or a trial version?


Will all games burn perfectly because I have tried using Recordnow and I have had problems with errors. :bow:

Media is more of a factor then software. Make sure you use good quality stuff, and a format it can read easily.

sum1 plz tell me how abt usin SONY CD-R OR DVD-R

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plz tell me how abt usin SONY CD-R OR DVD-R