What is the best 8x writer for Ritek 4x at Newegg.com?

Hi, I’m going to buy a new burner. I’m using NEC 1100 with hacked firmware. I can burn at 4x, but the dvds(Memorex 4x) are not detected in my Sony DVD player and PS2. I found Ritek 4x at Newegg.com is cheap.($30 for 50 dvds), but I have read some postings Ritek G04 wouldn’t work very well with NEC 2500A. What Is the most suitable 8x burner for Ritek 4x or the least picky burner(8x) on the market? Thanks in advance.

Before buying those G04’s, you may want to read this thread over at CDRLabs:

Also, as G04 discs are -R, you best bet is to burn them with a Pioneer drive, as they are the best for -R (something about Pioneer being the leader of the -R people ;)).