What is the best 16x cd-burner?

I want to buy a new cd-burner, but i have no idea what the best burner is for a good price. If you know that or know a link so i can find out, let me know it. Thanks.

Adios :smiley:

How much do you want to spend. I have recently purchased the Cendyne (Liteon) 24 speed drive for $130 from Frys, goo deal if you ask me. Can copy SD2 and anything you throw at it as long as you have a good reader!!


a good reader the plex 16/10/40 is really ok
(however he cannot write sd2)

i guess the liteon 16 speed that i have i great , every cd i burn with it works … price is low , and it’s an very good burner , brunproof on it so nothing to worry about

I you’re going for the LiteOn I would advise you to just spend a few bucks more and go for the 24x model which, unlike the 16x model, can handle SafeDisc 2 and is a little faster…