What is the average time to rip & burn a movie with DVDShrink & Nero?

DVD-Rom Lite-On 166S
DVD-RW NEC 2500a
P4 2.4c
WD Raptor 74GB
1GB memory

with deep analysis @8X burn, it takes me about 45 minutes to finish the whole process. Is this a good time?

P.S. 2-hour movie (original DVD)

wtf??? it takes 10 minutes to copy a dvd on my p3 945mhz machine with 256 megs of SDram lol… and then the time to burn it of course at 4 x media…i built a PVR/P with a pc hoooked up top the tv… made an interface for the screen and the media player is VLC… and you use the interface i made ( end task on explorer.exe) to see what movies you copied to the hardrive lol… it is hooked up to another pc downstairs wich is connected to the net … this is an awesome setup lol…

Yup sounds like a good time to me.
With Deep analysis it is always gonna take longer but worth doing IMO.