What is the absolute best Mp4 to dvd conversin software?

Hello everyone! my name is casper, im new to the fourm, i suppose this will have to serve as my introduction for now anway. I actually joined this foum with the sole intent of asking one question, although im sure i will have more to come. note i use a wireless keyboard in desperate need of replacement, so if i have a ton of typos ,most of them can be attributed to that, so im not as illerterate as it may seem, please bare with me. Recently on a trip to the Nara prefecture of Japan i made some home movies, video of local drifters who are quite famous in the area, some videos of the local deer who are numerous as they are hilarious, a trip to down to osaka and just a bunch of other stuff i found cool. i left my camcorder with my friend asuka, and a few weeks later i recived a 1.4 gb .mp4 documenting my adventure, and it was im short beautiful. out of my eagerness to share my escapade digitally with all my friends i imedately converted it to dvd format with roxio copy and convert ( a 4 hour process) a program inculded in my roxio 2009 suite, a regrettable purchase i might add (half the time it wont load , the gui is mollases and it just dosent feel right…idk i just dont like it) and immedatley burned copy 10 to single layer sony dvd-r’s with dvd clone 6 a program i do like very much (the gui is simplistic and extremely cheesy and it lacks some options that roxio has, but it is fast, to the point and most importaintly gets the job done). but regrettalby i did not fully watch the drive image after conversion fully, so now i have distributed 10 dvd’s to my friends that dont work properly, of course its the last chaper when i am summarizing my trip and explaining what it all ment to me, that is horribly mauled with blocking, skipping and other uselesness. also from what i did see copy and convert left me with a conversion in wich the picture quality was just barely acceptable, ( i know mp4 to dvd is never that great but im sure it could be better) So please for the sake of me not looking like a complete technological arse (most of my friends know im A+ and mcep so that just made it worse) can someone please tell me their opinion on the absolute best…no cost object (well under $500 would be nice) way to convert mp4 to dvd. Also i know i am assuming that the conversion process was the problem, i am aware it could be something else, but the Mp4 itself was perfect,
and i have never previously encountered a problem with dvd clone6, and have always found the sony brand dvd-r reliable, despite the fact they cost a little more. indeed it was the converted file itself that was scarred on the last chapter…case inpoint for my assumtion. Oh the laptop that i used to create this mess is an HP s680 with centrino duo core, ati radeon HD graphics and windows XP sp3, (of cousre i have multboot with ubuntu, UNIX flyby and OSX but that should be irrelevent…i hope)
also someone mentioned that i should ask my friend to send me the file in a more convertable format, however asking a japanese to such fine work twice is never in style and not a valid option for me, so im stuck with the mp4.
Hmm i just realized how long this question is…im sorry, i will be even more gratefull to anyone who took the time to read it all this let alone answer the question. Thank you all, and i know its probably irrelevant to this fourm, but i make my living with in car electronics (lol car stereo) and im not half bad at tuning cars so i would be ever so gratefull to take a crack at any questions anyone might have in either one of these areas…thanks again…casper

AFAIC, there is no “absolute best”…What I can do is recommend some apps that work for me with great/good results…
ConvertXtoDVD, AVStoDVD, FAVC…
I prefer using IMGburn for the, well–burning of course and I use/recommend burning with Verbatim or TY media…
Try the apps out see if they suit your sushi, uh I mean taste…:wink:

TOnee1 Thank you SO much, this program (convertx to dvd)rocks and it didint even cost an arm and a leg! (maybe a pinky and a big toe) i really apreciate it, I made 20 copies of my DVD last night and they were all perefect!!!

now i just have to get an awesome lolcat avatar!!!