What is technical difference with high speed and low speed cd-rw drives

Hello.I have a problem. I don’t know what is technical difference between low speed (1x-4x) and high speed (4x-10x or 4x-12x) writers.And for example i have cd-rw disk and it can be burned into 4x speed and i can’t burn it with high speed drives (4x-12x rewritable).Can anyone help me? Sorry for my english

The high speed cdrw is a diferent standard
backwards compatible with “normal” speed cdrw.
For a 4x-12x cdrw media:
A High speed drive can burn either at 4x or 12x.
A “normal” speed drive can’t burn he disc at any speed.

For a 1x-4x cdrw media:
Either the high speed and the “normal” can burn the disc at 4x.

The same can be applied to Ultra High Speed media.

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