What is "speedpatched?"

I’m new to Pioneer drives…I just got a 116DBK. So, I’ve been surfing around some of the threads related to the 116DBK and Media Code Speed Edit trying to gain some knowledge about all things related to this drive. I came across a couple scans where “speedpatched with MCSE” was listed with the type of media being used, but, I can’t seem to find exactly what they are saying. I know it has something to do with Media Code Speed Edit, but, speedpatched to what? Can someone give me some clearification on what is ment by “speedpatched” and “speedpatched (all patches).” Thank you for the help!

It is a modification to the firmware to increase the reading speed of the drive. It removes the riplock. (You can also use to decrease the read speed e.g. for use in HTPC’s)