What is Sony AccuCORE and SUPREMAS?

Sony’s CD-R’s have SUPREMAS, DVD-RW and DVD+RW have AccuCORE.
What exactly does that mean?

What I can say:

  • Sony CD-R’s have visible rings on the data side.
  • Sony’s DVDs have a really excellent quality. Especially their -RW and +RW discs: nothing else can cope in my tests. Is that because of AccuCORE?
  • We have sone old Sony DVD-RWs without AccuCORE, from 2006. AccuCore came in late 2006, as far as I can remember. I was a young child with a DV-RW250 at that time.

Absolutely nothing. They are just meaningless marketing terms.

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I see.
But then,

  • What does Sony itself claim SUPREMAS to be/do?
  • How exactly were the DVD-RW/+RW’s different, before they were marketed as AccuCORE?

Nobody knows :wink:

I saw the Supremas-Logo on different Sony CD-Rs, made by different manufacturers. The quality varies a lot, there´s no clue in this case

I saw also the Accucore on DVDs which were good (old Daxon, or KDG made in Austria) and which were awful (actual MBI)

Don´t trust the marketing-blabla, like pepst wrote :bigsmile:

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AccuCORE = ACCUracy, COmpatibility and REliability

Made up word that sounds good for marketing purposes:

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I see, thank you.

  • Are the pre-AccuCORE DVDs any different physically?
  • Now, what is SUPREMAS meant to be? Was it ever advertised? “ONLY SONY has SUPREMAS!”