What is scanning and Mt. Rainier?

Terms I don’t know and coulnd find info on in search. Please educate me.

Mt. Rainier:
Found in 3 seconds by Googling http://www.licensing.philips.com/information/mtr/

A whole section of this forum is dedicated to it

Have you really searched, or are you simply lazy today? :wink:

No, I am not just lazy. I entered “Scan and scanning” into the search function, but was unable to determine what it was.

Thanks for the link to the testing threads. I would not have known to look there, as I have no idea what scanning is.

I will read the info on google. I got nothing on it through a search here and on yahoo it was about the moutain.

You may also check this, items #13 and #20

Actually I had no idea of what Mount Rainier was before you asked…