What is Santa going to do?

If global worming is melting the ice at the North Pole what is Santa going to do once it is all gone?

Throw in the towel, then dump Mrs Claus, move south and hook up with a nubile bikini clad beach babe. Then get a sports car and start colouring his hair / beard with Grecian 2000 for a younger look.

Hey, he deserves a mid life crisis too.

guh… father christmas live in greenland

Move to the south pole …

And spend all that gift money on lots of sunscreen.

Moral of the story … Global warming = the end of christmas :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, I’m all FOR global worming … but I guess there will still be people doing foreplay on animals to re-infect the rest of us again …

sorry about the spelling should have checked it should have been warming.

Don’t be sorry … spelling errors have a much needed comic value … :wink:


And Santa can’t [I]worm[/I] outta this one-eh!

(but - I gotta admit - I really liked [B]phd[/B]'s take on this too-eh!)

Go back to his secret base on Betelgeuse IX of course!