What is riplock?

I know this is a very basic question but I couldn’t find an answer on here already…

What IS riplock? Is that the limiting of ripping speed on a drive? If I’m correct, why do manufacturers implement this?

Why do DVD-ROM drives not have it but DVD-RW drives do?


Yes it is contained within the firmware-

Do not know why it is used - maybe to give the firmware hackers something to do…:wink:


Is it limiting when you watch dvd with Software DVD player like WinDVD to? And how much its limiting?

Riplock is the feature of a drive that limits the speed at which DVD-Video discs are read. Its purpose is to make the drive quiet while you are watching movies. As a side effect, it also slows down the ripping of DVD video discs. The exact limited speed varies depending on the model of the drive. It is usually between 2X and 5X.

Some drives can only bypass riplock using hacked firmware. Some can do it with a software tool. With Plextor it is very easy, you just hold down the eject button as described in the manual. (There is more to it than just holding it down at any old time. Just read your manual. :wink: )

Some older drives do not have riplock at all. There are both DVDRom and DVDRw drives in existance that have riplock.

You may be right, @Jucius_Maximus, but I’ve also heard a bit more - that it is also for ensuring quality of rips/burns.

@Z_Unit, it doesn’t limit playback, as playback is always done @ 1X, regardless of whether there is a riplock or not.

Thanks for good info and btw which software can i try to disabe riplock on NEC ND-3500AG without flashing firmware? My manual have nothing about this feature to.

As far as I’m aware, firmware upgrade is the only way to get around rip locks - these will be unauthorised/hacked firmwares, so not surprising it isn’t mentioned in your manual!

A good place to start for firmwares is http://forum.rpc1.org/portal.php.