What is Revision 1.0



On my Verbatim DVD-r package there is written revision 1.0. What does this mean? Is there a difference between revision 1.0 and 2.0. I could guess that revision 2.0 is newer, but what is the purpouse of the revision marking? :confused:


It is common for there to be different revisions of disc types as the company improves the disc components and/or disc quality. But it is usually not listed on the packaging. There might not even be a revision 2 for your particular discs.


That’s written on my Verbatim DataLifePlus 8x DVD-R too.
Just ignore it…

@wesociety: I thought they mean the DVD-R Standard…


Ok, nothing to worry about then…


Well I’m not sure what specific text you guys are referring to :stuck_out_tongue:
My MCC02RG20 discs say “This disc complies with DVD-R Specification version 2.0 (1-8x speed).”
But I don’t see a mention of a “revision” anywhere…


I bought a cake od 10 Verbatim DVD-R 8x discs and it really says:

+ Revision 1.0

It’s right under the DVD logo.
So is there something like Revision 2.0 or not?


On mine it’s Revision 6.0 Verb DVD-Rs, though not on the +Rs.


Yours must be better then :confused: