What is really wrong with Ritek?

Why is it so bad? I’ve never used it but i went in this shop today that had Ritek dvd-rs and cd-r packs there and i was thinking of getting them, but everyone here keeps saying they’re bad…so i figured i’ll leave it for now/


Ritek CD-R is okay!
But Ritek DVD-R SL is not the best. Their 16x RITEKF1 DVD-R suffers from incompatibilities, not many drives will like them. And 8x RITEKG05 and partly 4x RITEKG04 suffer from degradation issues.
DVD+R SL just has burn quality problems.
DVD[U]+[/U]R DL have those nasty incompatibilities again. :frowning:

how about RITEK R03 ?

Nothing wrong with Ritek. They’re making money selling low-priced well-bonded beautifully-printable self-destucting mediocre media. They have their place in the optical media ecosystem–keeping the bottom feeders alive.

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Actually, their CD-Rs have been fine in my experience. Also, their DVD+Rs from a few years back were a great value and are still holding up well in my archives.

RITEKW01 is quite decent media.

Nothing special but it’ll do.

Some of my burners spit it right out (the LGs spring to mind).

I don’t buy Ritek when I can get CMC for the same price :slight_smile:

Hmm RITEKR05 seems to be nice based on the following topic(in german language)

And on Benq 1640 it’s more then nice.
Keep in mind that it’s the combination of the benq at 12x and solidburn that makes it this nice !

Are those results gonna last though? They will be extremely lucky if they do. All my Perfectly burned Ritek G05 went south within three months.

Have there been any reports of Ritek DVD+R degrading, or is it just some G04’s and G05’s?

Ritek DVD+R are, in my experience, fairly stable, if sold by decent brands (Fuji, Maxell, …). I can’t tell you anything about supermarket grade Riteks though, except that the initial quality can be awful enough.

The problem is that Ritek has been documented to “farm out” their production to others, to the point that quality control is non-existent. The more recent offerings of G04s and G05s are certainly to be avoided, although the older G04s (around 2004 and earlier, IIRC) have been fine. Even the R03s (if you read the reviews at Amazon) don’t inspire confidence. If someone wants to try G05, that person should expect about a 50% failure rate (from degradation in 2 weeks to 2 months) at least. Most of those will be true coasters in 1 year or less. Sure, the initial burn is fine; it’s the fact the PIE and/or PIF errors usually increase–even astronomically–in a short time. I had one burn where the PIF increased 7x in just 2 weeks under proper storage conditions. :eek: Most of the rest were showing 2x increases in either PIE or PIF totals in 2 months. Very few are still holding up. However, I plan to end the doubt about them and just reburn them all to MCC003, MCC004 or tyg02. If someone ever has a bad experience with Ritek DVD media, you never fool with it again.

However, the CD-R media does seem fine. I have TDK-rebadged Ritek CD media, and it seems to do just fine. It’s the Ritek DVD line one should avoid for peace of mind.

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Verbatim does that to a certain extent too. MBI-made 8x Verbs are a good example that Verbatim had the same issues.

They are going to switch to Ciba phthalocyanine now, to avoid patent infringement. Let’s stay tuned if they are still good…

I’ve seen a couple different batches of Ritek CD-Rs fail in ~2 years. And Ritek doesn’t “farm out” production…

It’s not that they’re necessarily bad. But that does not equate into being good. They just sort of exist. They work most of the time, but there still about a 20% problem on average. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depends on who you talk with. But Ritek CD or DVD media has NEVER really been that good. There was a fluke a few years ago, with some RITEKG03 and RITEKG04, but that’s really all it was. Products before and after those lines are quite mediocre.

The media is decent enough to use for duplication, but that’s about it. You never want to use it on something that cannot be easily and quickly replaced.

Aside from that last comment I can’t help but say I agree…

Well, whoever Verbatim “farm out” to still must have quality control. I’m using some dvd-r 8x Verbs and haven’t had a problem. They say they are made in Taiwan on the hub.

[B]Francksoy[/B] once reported that MBI-made 8x Verbs aren’t that nice…


Well, it’s become a habit to quote me on such things! :bigsmile:

Actually, I reported issues that have nothing to do with the inherent quality of the MBI-made Verbs, but more about their variation from the “standard” characteristics of the (8X -R) MCC02RG20. The issue being that depending on drives/firmwares, they could give awful to excellent results, though CMC-made and Prodisc-made MCC02RG20 gave consistently rather good PIE/PIF results in most drives/firmwares combinations.

So depending on drives/firmwares, the MBI-made ones could actually be the best of them all… or produce coasters. :stuck_out_tongue: :rolleyes:
(before you ask: yes, discs from the same spindle).

I wasn’t even the first person to report this strange issue, [B]Franz99 [/B] was. :flower:


Here’s a Ritek R03 from about 2 years ago. This is from a Ritek-branded spindle of printable discs. Burned with either an NEC 35XX or a Benq 1620, can’t remember for sure what I had back then.