What is Raw Mode..?

What is raw mode…? and do i really need it? i’m trying to get an image of a disk on my computer…and then burn it to a disk…:\ and i’d rather not split it…(i will if i havta tho) :
oh yeah…the image i’m trying to get is from Fallout Tactics…
Please anwser my question :bigsmile:

RAW is a burning mode that allows full control over data in an image or disc. If you are making a backup of a copy-protected CD for yourself, you would use RAW-DAO (+96) mode. This is the most powerful burning mode for RAW. You should not have to split the image in order to burn this game you are talking about. You should have one image per CD. If not, re-image your CD.


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i did. and just because you can find it does’nt mean i can…and if all your going to do it tell me to use the search then why even bother posting?

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I used the search also…found nothing.

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yes not always but you can easily find a guide for RAW mode in cdfreaks. com . i dont remember where .

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Apology Accepted…:bigsmile:

Don’t worry too much :).

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