What is quality of Emprex/btc dvdr 8x?

I was reading the forums and see mostly complanets about btc drives. but i figure i woudl ask anyway. what are goods and bads about these drives? can they make reliable long term burns?

fry’s has these for a descent price with no rebates. but i can get a litone or other name brand for same price or less with rebates. i just trying to do my research before buying.

what should i watch out for with this drive?


Good and fast CD-Writing
Good game backup (writing) capabilities
Fast reader
Good build quality

Mediocre DVD-Writer
Slow & gives low quality burns at 8x DVD-writespeed

what would be the best and simi best dvdr quality wise? at 8x?

i figure plextor is probally best. where does the liteon rate? what other choices are there?

Best write quality: NEC ND-2500A - in my opinion.

Lite-On is a bit better than BTC in my opinion - but still have a few of the same problems that BTC have (DVD-writing quality)

maybe dvd reliablity and quality of writting isn’t up to cdr standars yet? maybe i should wait. no reason to burn dvd’s if i have to fight with there reliability.