What is "PS3" option?

Excuse the ignorance, but what is the DVD-to-Mobile option “PS3?” I understand it’s relevant to PlayStation 3, but the purpose is not clear to me. I can replicate a DVD to another DVD, and this copy plays on my PS3. What is the end result of the “PS3” mode?

My guess is it results in a copy in a format that can somehow be streamed to my PS3, but I wanted to confirm. Also, if this is indeed the answer, how exactly does one stream video and audio from PC to PS3? Appreciate the guidance.

It encodes the movie to fit onto a memstick for use in a PS3.

Well you’ll need a network connection between PC and PS3,be it wired(Ethernet) or wireless…then you have to allow sharing files from PC…I use the free TVersity to stream to my Xbox 360 or PS3…

Remember google is your buddy…:slight_smile: