What is Protection Database Search Toolbar?

What is the Protection Database Search Toolbar that comes with the FE version?

It provides you with access to a protection database to see what protection is used on a game along with the ability to search the internet for information.

Do i get to remove it?
Adware i suspose?

It’s not adware, it’s just a toolbar. It’s a search engine bar, like Google or Yahoo, but for copy protections.

Is there a option in the installation not to install it?

No But there is the option to uninstall it http://www.alcohol-toolbar.com/ however as it is not adware or spyware or any other devious underhand thing, by leaving it installed and using it, you are actually supporting the fact that the software is FREE and your continued support will enable us to continue to offer this free version, the more users who choose to uninstall and not use the toolbar will ultimately cause us to review offering this free version.

Signed in just to say - awesome work there. Glad you guys didn’t sink to what DT, distributing spyware crap with their “free” software.

Actually, it’s adware, not spyware. And you can choose to opt out if you so desire. It’s not forced on you.

They also make no attempt to hide the fact that it is there, just read through their forums they are totaly open about it, Dtools has been free for many years to its users, but development costs, if this is a way for them to generate revenue then its fine with me.