What is process for Bitsetting with DRW1008IM?

How exactly does one go about changing book type of a recordable DVD to DVD-ROM?

I have tried both BTC’s new bitsetting utility, and DVDInfoPro, but do not understand the exact order of steps to be taken to change the book type of a +R or -R to DVD-ROM. (I am not concerned with RW media at this point.)

I believe that for +R or -R media, I must first run the bitsetting utility, then burn the disk.

But if I have run the bitsetting utility, my burning program (DVD Decrypter in this case) does not detect a burner as being present (“No Devices Detected”).

If I open DVD Decrypter first, then the bitsetting utility will not detect the DRW1008IM burner.

I have had problems with one of my DVD players locking up on recordable media, and hoped that bitsetting might help.

(Using DVDInfoPro to change book type I get the messages:
“Cannot alter book type of DVD+R” for a +R disk, and
“Cannot alter book type of written DVD-R” for a BLANK -R disk.)


I follow these steps for my 1004@1008

  1. insert blank media
  2. launch bitset utility
  3. select your burner (if it is not selected)
  4. click on the READ button
  5. select DVD-ROM from the drop down
  6. click the SET button
  7. close bitset utility

Burn your disk with your favorite application. Check here for the official details:

upgrade to nero nero and it allows you to use the book-type setting in the burn process.