What is POE and how it affect your burns?

i still scan once and a while when i want to be sure of a burn or when it’s a new spindle…

Transfer tests are a good indicator of how your turned out and saves a lot of time.:wink:

The default on my 716a is 5-12x CAV on the Read. Do I need to use some other speed, or is that one fine for testing?

that’s true. At the 5-12x CAV on the Read Transfer test, it only takes about 5 minutes (I think). It runs pretty fast, it seems.

I run my checks at the 12x settings with the Plex and @ 16x on other burners that will allow 16x times. Shows read errors faster.:bigsmile:

Ok, then I’ll leave it on 5-12x for the read transfer test on my 716a