What is PIO dv-290k?

There is a Pioneer DVD player advertised in the latest Walmart flyer for Canada (Ontario). DV-290K is the exact model number. It looks similar to 393, but the specs/description is nowhere to be found, not even on Pio website.
Any ideas? :bow:

P.S. 393 specs look very serious, esp. audio

Could be a private model no for walmart. There is an ebay listing :


If you look at the picture of the manual. It’s the same manual for 290-k, 393-s, 490v-s, 490v-k.

I think you may be right. If its got all same hardware, then Pioneerfaq’s modded FWs will probably work. My biggest concern is whether it will play PAL xvids. 393 reportedly plays them.

Walmart, Kmart, Target, Sam’s, Costco, and most other big stores have products with different numbers that are unique to their stores because you know those price matching ads. If a company is big enough to buy several thousand or a million big ticket items, Pioneer or any other company will gladly put a special model number on them. There are even different models used by Sam’s than Walmart. when I was looking at TVs I compared closely because Walmart had a sale but extended warranty cost more making it higher. I usually don’t buy those, but TVs have a higher rate of failure.